Welcome to College Classical!

Welcome to my blog about life as a college music major!

College Classical will be the place where I share my personal experiences as well as anything and everything pertaining to college and music- such as advice on the college search, auditioning, preparing for college, handling the work load, and building confidence in your abilities as a musician.

I remember the pressure and anxiety I felt when I was deciding to apply to universities with hopes of becoming a music major. I had found very little information online about the application and audition process, which left me on my own to figure it all out. I had no idea what a pre-screen should be or what I should have in my repertoire. I didn’t know if I would be good enough to make it in a collegiate music program and I didn’t know if I was equipped with the knowledge needed to excel wherever I chose to go. Now, I am so grateful for taking that leap of faith and entering the world of serious music. I will stop at nothing to build a career that I love, all while embracing every experience life has to offer me right now. I hope that by sharing advice based on my experiences I can help people on their journey to doing what they’re truly passionate about.

In addition to giving college advice, College Classical will be a place for sharing opinions, ideas, point of views, and of course music 🙂

You are welcome to join me on my journey by asking questions and sharing your story!


Stay classy my friends,




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